A Not So Turkish Life

Sometimes you have to travel outside of your world to find yourself; sometimes you have to journey back inside to build your outside world. This little space here records life with my Turkish-British family, trying to make sense of it all.

Kaan & Ruff scavagening dinosaur bones

M – 4 years old, Lego & logic fanatic, soon-to-be homeschooler and best friends with a teddy named Ruff.

T engrossed in moon sand

T: 2 (nearly 3), digger & tractor lover, always has a stick in his hand & doesn’t stay clean for a minute.

G – a kite-flying, dream-building, helmet-wearing Baba; a chocolate bringing, peace giving, shoe-gifting husband.

And me, a 30 year old bookworm-turned Mummy; an ex-expat trying to readjust to life on this side of the ocean and falling asleep two pages in.

This blog’s mostly a book of memories for the boys to dip into when they’re old enough to be embarrassed by the photos – a record of everyday nothings that are really the best of it all.

Thanks for stopping by!

Salaam Alaikum


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