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So let me get this straight…


this woman is causing offence and provoking people to violence?!

First, if it’s against the law to cause offence to others on the beach, surely there are far better offences to waste law enforcement on – socks with sandals being just one example.

Second, wouldn’t the money spent on sending ARMOURED police to tell a woman on the beach with her family to take her top off be better spent on sending those provoked to violence to therapy!

I’m a bit miffed I couldn’t find a picture of myself in a burkini – the legs are wider and the top longer – but just for a minute pretend there’s one here (it’s milk chocolate brown with a  zipper top): How the hell am I meant to not take this personally when that could have been me and my kids? I’m too angry for more words on this now, but my heart goes out to this woman and her children – can you even imagine what that’s like to explain?

Subhanallah! Please God let this madness end soon.

Ps. I dont really have a problem with socks and sandles but aren’t the absurdity levels the same?




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2 thoughts on “So let me get this straight…

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