A Not So Turkish Life


Darling T,

One of the most beautiful things about this past few months has been the time I’ve had to simply enjoy you. When M’s been in school, for the first time in your life, we’ve had one-on-one Mummy and son time, and little Dude, with the most capital of D’s, it’s been a pleasure to soak up your energy.

At two years old, you are destined to be either a digger driver or excavator, though you tell me you will be a fireman.

At two years old your giggle is the worlds most uplifting of sounds, and your “humph” the cutest of protests.

At two years old you still run whilst pumping one arm and wiggle like you’re dancing in flight.

Fearless is the word I’d use to describe you, for all that the adjective holds. You have a confidence and self-belief that’s enviable, Atatacim. You jump over boulders and into new situations as though you’ve been scaling them every day of your life: I pray you’ll never know this spirit to be broken. At two years old you’re a dot-to-dot of bruises because for all of your fearlessness your sense of balance is still  questionable. Last bath count the bumps stood at 17, but generally I’d guess we hit more like a ten bruise average! I can’t remember the last time you were bruise-less!

At two years old you always have a stick in your hand, and keep your favourites hidden all round this city.

My blondie little man, at almost three your artwork is recogniseable for the picture you set to create and the colours always captivatingly clash. You’re always sure of your creation and delight in the process, as long as it ends with you painting your body.

At two years old your tongue is always out in concentration and your eyes always glistening with plans.  You’ve delighted in planting vegetables and sowing seeds, and have diligently watered your crop. Impressive even more so when I consider the restraint it’s taken to constrain your natural urge to unearth them because if you had to choose one activity a day it would always be the same; your digger or spade and something to dig. Sand, soil, mud or Abi’s Lego, as long as you can scoop it you’re happy. You get so lost in your own magic world and watching you explore it is captivating, I’d love to see the world through your eyes.

At two years old, baths feature a lot in your world.

Atata, my funny, cuddly boy, I’m loving every minute with you.


T sunglassesbathbarefoot digging lollipop painting arms T goat T stick and hat tractor and digger

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