A Not So Turkish Life

A Year Loved Past

6000 photos in 6 months. Or 1000 photos a month. That’s how many I took the first months of M’s life.  The last year, I’d be surprised if I’ve taken 1000 total. I feel slightly guilty T that you were short-changed on the photo front, feel I should have been there with the shutter for every half-roll of yours too, but then I hope you’ll cut me some slack because the photos I did take show just how hectic life was!  Now though, when life’s not quite as hectic and when between you both such photo-worthy moments occur there’s little excuse for me not to snap them into focus except I’m too absorbed *in* your moments that by the time I remember to dig out my phone, the moment has passed and what’s left is a photo haze that needs my memories to de-blur it. Looking back at photos though, that’s where I’m good as ever.  The last year was exciting and daunting and beautiful and raw and non-stop and yes there may not be 6000, but I’m so glad I captured some of its’ moments.

UK snowman

It snowed for 30 minutes this whole winter but you still managed to build yourself an Olaf

first worm!

First worm in the garden!

ice cream yalova thermal

Yalova was last summer’s second home. At the Termal they sold goats milk ice-cream!


Time for Eid!

sunset swim

Sunset swim – you gained SO much water confidence last summer, M.


drying off 1

You preferred the drying off part


m putting on shoes

soil on feet

Earth on your feet seems to ground you my darlings, and everywhere you go…


…you find the mud.

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