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D’you know what Timehop is guys? Probably not. By the time you’re reading thi,s Apple’s new supertech watch will be outdated and Google glasses will have been usurped by a microchip you place in a tie-pin that beams your emails straight into the custom made contact lenses you wear, matching the colours to your t-shirts – or ties..(what do you both do for a living, I wonder?) Anyway, Timehop is a fun application that send you a reminder of the Facebook posts, Twitter notes & Instagram photos you shared on that date sometime in the past. I love it. It’s like a memory blast everyday and is a super easy way to remind yourself that how no matter what the situation felt like in its entirety at the time of the snapshot, there was something you felt important enough to save. Every day has its beautiful moments. Today’s Timehop from two years ago was this:

Timehop - regular weekday morning


Just a regular weekday morning. And it was. And it was every bit as fun and full of giggles and mess as the photo suggests. The time I spent one-on-one with you two those first 3 & 1/2 years contained the most cherishable and love-filled moments of my life. We were in our little bubble world and safe and free to do whatever we felt in the moment, while Baba listened in from upstairs. It was great in many ways. 

Now weekday mornings are often just as regular as those. Despite two years having passed, painting is still as much mess and elicits just as many giggles – but thankfully I’ve now learnt to contain it a little more! Now though, after mornings and paintings are done, we have family to share our days with. This week we’ve had chip buttys with Aunty H, Uncle J taught you how to mow the lawns and we picnicked with Gwanma in the garden. This afternoon you led Gran and I on a bluebell flecked walk through a woodland of wild garlic and Larch cones. The beauty you bring to everyday moments is shared and so the joy of it is multiplied. That’s the difference. You’re both still as cute and comical and as much a tag-team; you’re both as stubborn and tempermental as ever. You both have days when you want to snuggle up with books, and others when only mud or movies will do. Neither of you ever stick to the plans and a routine is something we’ll never nail down but here, I’m happier with that. I can go with your flow more easily and even when our mornings are a fail and the paint splashes up the walls, afternoons can turn the whole day around. Raising children in a village is one thing; raising children in family is another and I’m so thankful to be watching you flourish, together. 

ps. If Timehop still exists and you see it as old-fashioned & geeky, download it anyway. Just trust your Mum on that. 

2 boys two paint styles colour mixing gone wild

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