A Not So Turkish Life

Garden Therapy


Boys and mud.

The night before G went back to Turkey for this indefinite period, he mowed the front lawn – the first time he’d used a lawnmower in his life! As the boys and I stood at the door, the simple domesticity of the moment etched itself into my heart. Two days later, with M in school and G having safely arrived back “home”, I set Tarkan up with the sandbox on the front lawn and set about neatening up the edges. Over the course of the next week, together the boys and I took on the back garden, pulling up weeds, ridding the trees of winter’s discarded leaves and prepping the soil for planting. At the end of a fun, hard week – who knew turning over clay soil could be so therapeutic! – the boys finally got to plant their carrots; something they’d been asking to do for two years. Three weeks on, the radish tops are filling the pot, and the front lawn needs cutting again: No matter what’s going on in the background, life continues happening everyday and although it’s hard keeping it all together without G here,  dwelling on what’s missing only clouds what is here and as the saying goes,”To plant a garden is to have hope for the future.”

Vegetables planted, bilingual signs made, two very proud of themselves boys mashallah

Vegetables planted, bilingual signs written by M drawn by T, two very proud of themselves boys mashallah








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