A Not So Turkish Life

Everyday Sandpits

We were only meant to be outside for an hour this morning and not even that really. You, M, were sitting at the table surrounded by glue sticks, glittery shapes, stickers and cardboard cut-outs of numbers, all ready to start the days lesson when T, you burst into sudden fierce tears. “Out’ide! Bob de Builder! Araba!” And as soon as the door opened, four little sock-clad feet skipped down the steps and, forgetting as always to slip feet into wellies, ran to the nearest pile of dirt. Six hours later, dumper trucks, diggers and nails utterly mucky we traipsed back inside – another aimless carefree day played away. Today like so many others, nothing really very much happened; nothing but insignificant everythings.

Today, MKM, you climbed your first tree without me! Pulled up by your friends you scaled branches nimbly, and slid down professionally – nice work little man but when did you get so big?

T, today you said “cocoa powder” and “biy’icle” and had your first ride pillion style on a friends grown-up bike.

You worked together as a team to fill and tip your dump-truck with stones, and M you made T laugh as he copied every silly animal sound you made. As you napped T, M covered your sweaty curls with kisses and when M woke this morning T you delighted at his waking with shouts of “Abi! Morning! ‘wake!”, as you threw your whole self around him and snuggled until M groaned.

Today you argued and grumbled and cried, you combined efforts to reach top shelf goodies in the fridge before dripping sticky remnants all over the floors – our home is heaven for the ants this summer boys! Today you both ran away at “bubble bath?”, came sprinting for “cherries and melon?” and tonight, minutes ago, both asked for “Luli, Baba” before T settled for “mew”, your heads hitting your separate pillows within minutes.

It’s been a while since I came to record our days on these pages. There’ve been first haircuts and birthdays, new words and bumps and scrapes. There’ve been “tarla” days and lake “swims” and picnics with friends and just us. The walls of our homes have been covered in paintings, and painted with make-up and food. Life’s sent us laughter days and grumpy days and others of adventurous fun. Switched off from phones in the day and computers at night, choosing to disconnect has gifted time without a clock and love’s precious minutes on record. But boy, my little men, how fast that time has flown and how much you’ve both grown in this space.

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