A Not So Turkish Life

T: 20months

You started talking today! OK, you’ve been saying words individually for weeks – Baba, Mummy, Abi, up’tairs, down’tairs, wee, out’ide, ball, oleeve, bread, araba (car), both an emphatic and lazy no – but today, not only did you add “why?” into the mix, you threw in doctor and dog, and were confident in the asking of the questions. As you sat in your high chair at breakfast, a serious look on a questioning face asking “why?” on repeat and yet in context, over and over, as your brother exclaimed in delight(again) “you’re talking, baby!” I wondered where my baby has gone – you’re growing up so fast at the moment, Tiny T.

photo 3(5)


At 20 months old you are an outdoor child even when inside; left alone we find you standing tiptoed at the window, curious smiles smudging kisses on the glass.


You love “rice” and “oleeve” and riding “neiiiigh” on Baba’s back like a horse. You’ll humour M with a few minutes of companionable cartoon watching as long as it’s Caillou or “Bob”, but much prefer to be running water into bowls in the sink. From two months ago when you’d run screaming from a tap, you’re currently enamoured with the sensation of water on your skin.

At more than one and a half you ride a bike pushing your feet on the floor, and run back straight going up the stairs! You wake up happy and smiley and definite about waking and certain with your sleeping routine.

You enjoy playdoh and pompoms and pouring and shape sorting and kneading bread and “meaaat!”

photo 5

photo 1(2)

photo 2(1)


The smile you give as you leap to throw yourself on to any of us, knowing we’re going to catch you, certain we’ll grin right back, that smile then filling your face emanates brightly from your soul all everyday; that full-toothed dimpled smile cures any and all of our ailments. At 20 months old T love and humour surge from you, easing us through the toddler frustrations.

You love “dig dig”s and tractors and chasing unsuspecting cats. Your appetite is incredible, tastes varying.

You are confident and steady and stubborn and bold and live spontaneously in the moment wholeheartedly. T your everyday poise is certain and true, it’s a delightful pleasure to watch you explore as it develops.

At 20 months old you are fun and free and happy, playing with the world on natures terms. As your days turn into months, I love you littlest one. I love you as no other day gone before.

photo 2(3)


photo 4(3)

photo 4(4)








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