A Not So Turkish Life

So much more than words.

Your chin on my cheek as your body twists to let your arms cuddle tight: “What is the name of you? What is the name of Baba? What is the name of Brown Eyes? What is the name of me? MK? Ok. Now sleep. Good night Mummy. Good night Baby. Goodnight Baba.

…Mummy? What is name of you?”

“Hello monkey. You want to talk to me? Good. I like you monkey.”

“Come on Hippo: Adventure time geldi!”

So soft and yet so clear. Sure and certain, you’re ready to begin: “Mouse” (aka Mickey)

“Ba-ba!” “Baaa-ba.”

“Eye! Eye! Eye!” NB: Tiny fingers have sharp points!

(Pointing to picture of a cowboy) “Me.”

and a language between you both that only you two understand that makes you snort as you giggle and smile as you hide and repeat ’til we all laugh alongside you. These sounds babyones are so much more than words, it’s the sounds of the heart of our home.

Happy New Year, littlest ones. Here’s praying for a year listening to more of your songs.

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