A Not So Turkish Life

M: 2.5

You went to sleep holding your wrist up over your head; an effort given the weight of your Baba’s watch dangling from it. No matter though, the smile on your face, a mixture of excitement and pride and sheer unsplintered delight in being gifted the “saat” for the night could balance out many an ounce. And though your dreamy eyes missed them, our smiles in response would have lifted that wrist into orbit: No matter how old you are, or where that sweet head lays down, there’s always a watch here – no timer.

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MKM, at almost 2 and a half you’re sprightly and bright, and witty and stubborn and creative in every sense. You make us belly laugh ’til we cry, you make us cry ’til we sob and keep us all on our toes more and more. This home is calmer when you sleep, more vibrant when you wake, and altogether filled with your soul.

These past few months you have grown in a myriad of ways, most every day we meet our son new again. Waking with you is a perfect adventure.

Since then to now you’ve become a carnivore boy, and the pancake king of breakfasts and tea. You crack an egg like a pro, whisk bananas to lump-free and with “baby pancake istiyor!” feed it all to T before coming back for seconds, with strawberries, hold the nutella: “‘Tella bread Mummy; pancake no!”

You love playdough in the morning and sidewalk paint play, are still enraptured by water and bubbles.
You delight in your brother, and in being a brother – just hold off on the towels over his head.

Teenagely your legs are getting long and your belly is thinning out,
chubby fingers give away your baby age still. You stop, look and listen when crossing the road, stand backwards on the pram chasing monkeys.

You’ve discovered climbing out of the windows and unlocking the doors,
can take shoes off and put t-shirts on.
You can pour yourself juices and spill them on your brother
and request food to feed the neighbourhood pets.
Your days are “toprak” and parks, and “meat” and “Mikka Mouse” – complete with the cutest elbow dance (a bribery video if ever!)


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As the summer’s unfolded you have found and made friends, a magical thing to behold. Slowly but surely you’ve learnt how to share, to join in or play side by side. And slowly but surely you’re taking the lead, little yet large in their crowd that you are.

Playgrounds you navigate as though your backyard, backyards you hose down all day. Every day.

You bring me flowers to smell, and grape bunches to Baba, picked from the vine as per your outing request: “Mummy gel. Baby get. Giddiyoruz. Grape al, Baba eat. Mummy hadi! Baby Tarka ayakabi? Mummmmmeeeey! Baby Tarka no shoes.” Always bilingually pleasing and logically formed. Requests, and commands, and sorting me out. Thanks and yes, Babyone. always.

At almost 2.5 you fall asleep where you please, though rarely anymore in the day. You adore drawing with chalk and eating dondurma – even calling out for cilekli in your sleep! You love to hide and dress up, and hide stuff in dresses – wanna tell me where the coffee filter is, kiddo??

MKM, my toddler baby, you are growing up fast – go lightly, Babycim, God speed. xx





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