A Not So Turkish Life

You and You

I lost you today, T. Just as quickly I found you again, bottom nestled into duck poo, sitting hidden under the neighbours outside step happily conversing with the chicks and the ducklings of afore-mentioned poop.

And as for your shenanigans Mr M, your day began – and almost finished! – with a commando style window escape before creeping across the balcony to open the door from the outside and encourage your brother on out. Yep.

Did I mention we started at 6? A.M.

Bedtime was nice today.

And yet, it was one of those days. Like most days with you. One of those delightful and shattering invigorating days, full of laughter and tears and half-breathes and fears and tickles and spilt juice and thrown cakes and dragons and mud and more than a smattering of happiness. Because even at your worsts, you’re beautiful. Both of you. Full spirited and adventurous. Light hearted and smart. Funny and unaware of your depths. Each of you is so different to the other, and somehow so similar too. You balance each other, even during the fights and all the day through no matter who, what or where, where there’s M there is T and vice versa.

002 (640x425)

058 (640x425)

097 (640x425)

164 (640x425)

220 (640x425)

254 (640x425)

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