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Look Who’s One!

Happy Birthday, Tiny T!

A year ago last week you came into our world oh suddenly, awoke within it slowly and now ignite it more vibrantly every day. If a family is a tree then you’re the bud within ours, awaking flowers slumbering still on its leaves, revealing branches we didn’t know it could hold. Celebrating you on the 11th July with family from near and afar, we delighted in watching your giggles. In a water pool you splashed, in the grass you ran barefoot and to the cake you dived headfirst. As all others just more so, for that day we basked in the glow of your being and laughed loudly in your constant giggles echos. My darling A.T, celebrating you, loving you so raises our hearts and with your love our family soars higher.

250 (640x425)

At one year old

you are walking and trying to run.

You love to play hide & seek, run away from your brother and flop excitedly to the floor to wait for us.

You are unsure about bubble baths and truly dislike showers, but love running into M’s hosepipe aftermath. You happily paddle in mud and sit in the lake and splash as though a real duck had taught you.

Despite babyled weaning you prefer “white” food the most, reject meat stuffs and jump determinedly to reach anything sweet. You still nurse day and night, making sure I am holding your hands and toes, curling your body into mine newborn style. Except when M’s on the loose and you need to stand and nurse then to allow your head to swivel round with his moves.

103 (640x425)

At 12 months old you wave hello and goodbye, shout “Kedi” (and so your Grandma says, “Hiya”.)
You chase butterflies and eat snails, share tricycle seats with your brother and demolish play doh sculptures to nibble the ingredient.
You sit happily for an hour stacking blocks all together or making music with spoons and a tub. You love ice-cubes for painting and yoghurt for smudging and eat crayons for nutritional value.

Still happy being carried you play in amongst my scarves as we wander the lanes to the lake. Those big brown eyes of your twinkle as they take in the nature as elegant hands grab the passing tree branches. As the sun warms your hair, blond feather-light wisps of golden cuteness, I dip my head and kiss your button nose. These days and moments, baby boo, are the everything and the reason and inbetween; to watch the joy that you reap from this world we rest our heads in teaches our hearts more than you ever can know.

From a year ago until right now, past one birthday and onto the next, you grow in wisdom and beauty and uniqueness; we share this with you, with love and a prayer.

Happy Birthday, Tiny T, the blondie in our midst.

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213 (640x425)

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  1. SunnyMama on said:

    Happy birthday!

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