A Not So Turkish Life

Teardrops on a Summers’ Day

My darling boys, you’re stuck in a halfway world. Between stiff upper lip and feelings on a flag. Don’t let these worlds here deceive you into feeling what you think that you must. Don’t push your emotions into moulding to be whoever wherever you are. Feel what you feel when you can as you do, feelings are what keep us alive. And in those feelings I wish for you more laughter & love than your dear hearts can in this dunya hold and a peace that comes from only knowing you’re feeling what it is is true to you. Remember, sweethearts, even when our lives are at their peaks, when our eyes shine brighter than the nearest of stars, our bellies ache with the aftermath of giggles, that there are times too when we need nothing more than a jolly good cry. Not because something is wrong or for any reason you can name, but because sometimes the world is just too much in its’ beauty and sadness and giving to take. As always, God knows what we do not and He knows what we need when we do not so sob, if you need to, at the drooping daffodil petals and the overexcited cat tripping over her tail. Cry, if you need to for the things you don’t understand and then more for those you wish that you didn’t. Let tears fall for all the nothings of everyday blues, then wipe up those teardrops ailhamdulillah, breathe out deeply, feel restoration flood over your soul. Real men do cry.

I love you x

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