A Not So Turkish Life

A Big Day

Yesterday was a big day round here.

MKM made his first quiche from scratch and after he’d stirred up the filling, and rolled out the dough, and eaten his way through most of it, he burst into smiles and offered me a bite, proud as a cat with the cream.

IMG_5038 (640x480)

While M baked his quiche, (Not So) Tiny T made strides of his own. Literally.
Yesterday through trial and a smile T learnt to sit up and push up and a two-handed crawl.

IMG_5028 (640x480)

And when we thought that the day had been triumphed, as M ran through the “dooooooooor” up to bed, he decided to show us his hand washing technique, perfected, completed, hygienic.

On a day as achievement packed as a day is likely to be, parenting irony strikes once again and when you reflect on the big moments which trump most of everydays – when there’d been hardly a camera in sight – you realise these were moments you’ll always recall to mind, but the everydays are just as momentous, twee as this notion may sound, so you forgive your lack of photos, give irony its’ dues and yourselves a big pat on the back. Tomorrow is a new day full of moments.

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