A Not So Turkish Life

Dear Not So Tiny T

Gosh! Before you have children, if indeed you do, my love, people will warn you of the speed with which time moves, of the way her wings spread wider than ever before to carry your baby’s hood fast, fast away. You won’t understand, will think they exagerate. Don’t. Heed these words true. Laughing with you today, as you sat upright all alone, diving down to nibble your own toes then pulling yourself back up again, these same words, gifted to Baba and I before you came back to pinch me; you’re growing at light speed, my boy.

At 5 months (still)…

you’re enjoying that nibbling of toes, if an entire big toe in a mouth is indeed a nibble,
and are starting to sit up unaided.

You’re laughing laughs from your belly and smilling smiles from your soul,
you’re the happiest little person I’ve known.
You have two bottom front teeth, stealthily pushing through a few more,
are just begining the trails of dribble.

Though still peacibly content in quiet interaction with the world, you’re begining to find your voice
Fitting then your seal imitation in the torso roll side-to-side.
You spin your whole self in circles, using your feet as leverage or steering wheels as needed,
You’re very rarely still now, but if you are ever waiting in one same spot for a minute you
love catching all treasures of ever kind dangled far above your inquisitive head.

You find your brother the most amusing entertainment around, and in turn he adores you, his “Baby!”
You’ve begun anticipating tickles before they happen, reaching up to capture our fingers
to hold tight in intertwined little hands as you gurgle and grin and dribble with delight.

Your hair’s just begun to turn fluffy, your eyes chocolate brown still.
Petite though you may be, small you are not – Tiny T of basketball stature.

Every day you are changing my son, moving forward in both body and mind.
Each day we thank God for your prescence and your soul and thank you for your teachings to us.
Thank you, my sweetest thing, for the lightness and beauty and patience you envelop our home within,
thank you for bringing us laughter.

IMG_4074 (640x480)

IMG_4170 (640x480)

IMG_4187 (640x480)
IMG_4249 (640x480)




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