A Not So Turkish Life

Project Chickens

My darling boys,

Once in a time which seems so removed from the place we’re in now, your Baba and I sat on the couch which would grace our first home dreaming of a magical place where chickens ran free, where olive oil met fresh eggs in a pan and we could be together there everyday. It was just a dream, this unrealistic of a chicken plan of ours, and then you came, both of you. And those dreams which we held began to turn into real plans and then somewhere, from everywhere, came this sleepy house upon a hill

_DSC0745 (640x425)

telling us to take a leap on faith

_DSC0763 (640x425)

to change our lives completely

_DSC0754 (640x425)

and live as we talk in our dreams.

_DSC0226 (640x425)

_DSC0260 (640x425)


_DSC0208 (640x425)


_DSC0256 (640x425)

Welcome home, Babyones, welcome home.

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