A Not So Turkish Life

T: Four Months Minus a Week

They say your eldest child teaches you how to be a parent and it’s on the second you get to put these lessons into practise. If that’s the case, Tiny T, then I’m even more blessed than I knew mashallah for both my children are wonderful teachers. Whilst M taught me the excitement of new discovery, you show me the joy in connecting the dots; though M showed me what it is to be active, you show us what participating means and whilst M teaches what being patient means, you simply demonstrate what patience is. You came into our hearts, opened up our home and completed the space that we fill. ATM, you are as different from your brother as night is from day, yet in the space where the clocks strike twelve are the connectors that make you both mine. You’re three months plus three weeks and every minute has been a delight.

At three months you

are almost rolling over, swinging your bottom from side to side
have found your fingers and clasp them to twiddle or to hold.
You find my face across a room with a smile which just becomes your face.

You love to stand solidly, and, with fingers holding tight to one of our own, push forward
and back again, pulling up and flopping down.
Sitting up is a favourite right now, to lie flat frustrates your curiosity – save on the red mat in the hall where you lie for hours fingering its patterns,
turning in circles as you roll yourself round.

You have the most expressive of faces,
a tongue forever hanging out.
You’re most obliging with your brother
and so generous with your love for us all.
You swing your whole body round, bottom up and away we go,
turn a 360, almost over, then break time, then go again.

You’ve started to take note of your brother, respond to his actions,
smile and follow him move round the space
The sound of water and being clotheless delight you, despite always cold hands, yet warm belly, and a twinkle of delight in your eye.

At not yet four months you’re as long as a baby giraffe.

At three months plus three weeks you are perfectly knowing and coming into your own, ATM.

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