A Not So Turkish Life

My Way

Addressing the complexities of translated interpretation of the Qu’ran, Gai Eaton writes an unprofound yet perfect summary: “disputes which have arisen on this subject lead nowhere and are therefore of no consequence. Each man must follow his way according to his nature.”

My darling boys, Islam is more than words on a page, is more than a ritual practise of (arbitrary) rules and rites; it, like all religion, is an internal feeling of guidance granted by a source far greater than beings. As your Mum, all I can hope to do is guide you, to provide you with enough books to direct your feet but the shoes you will wear then are yours. Many say it’s our job to raise you as good muslims; I think rather it’s our job to raise you as good humans inshAllah, be that as it may on the foundations of an Islamic life. Ultimately the path you will choose will depend, I hope, not on the words I have read you or the words of others you’ve read open on some page, but on your nature built taller by these, lifted higher through Allah’s words; a nature you’re confident to follow through all of your lives. And when you reach that final curtain, behind which lies the greatest adventure I pray we’ll experience, I hope you feel that you did things the right way but too, your way, because you, my sons, are unique.

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