A Not So Turkish Life

2 months already..

Dearest T,

On Wednesday you’ll be two whole months old. Over the first six weeks, you seemed waiting to wake up. You’d lie, unmoving, soaking up the sounds of the world spinning around you. The whirlwind life your brother brings to our day appeared to go over your head as you lay nearby occasionally foot twitching or air sucking, when not sleeping for most of the day. Then suddenly over the course of a day your demeanour changed distinctly. Those deep green eyes, always open, became alert, darting back and forwards in response to all the sounds. You found your fingers, began intertwining, starting moving round in small circles, slowly slowly. Every day since has added a more awakened state to the position you give to the world, you’re growing up fast now, my -not-so-teeny- tiny one.

At eight weeks old,

you love to lie on your belly
across my knees as I sit throughout the day
on my bed as you sleep, silent breathing.

You’re still quiet as a mouse most of the time
so rare are your sounds, they make your brother jump up and laugh.

Quiet though your mouth is, talkative is your face
a furrowed brow responds to loud sounds, wide-mouthed gulps to fingers traced lightly across cheeks,
and latest still, smiles. Big beams and cautious contentment.

You love the sound of water dripping when your brother has a shower
you cry if he cries out and curl long curious fingers around his hands when they fiddle with you.

At almost eight weeks old, you have long fingers and a longer body,
a miniature nose and pouty big lips
your hair’s lightening, your eyebrows thickening, your hairline dropping to moustache length framing cheeks starting to pouch a little as you grow rapidly day upon day.

You’ve been here merely two months, Tiny T, yet so many months more. We love you. All three of us, making four.

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