A Not So Turkish Life

At 17 months…

At 17months you
would happily survive on olives and yoghurt and fruit,
have discovered the fun to be had with a sippy cup,
and have deemed yourself old enough to dip sticky fingers into my coffee cups’ dregs.

At 17months you
are learning to catch now you’ve mastered the throw,
can mimic a cow and its’ “moo”,
and are intrigued with all manner of boxes.

At 17months you
give body-enclosing cuddles like you’ve never given cuddles before,
bop to a Mano Negra beat like a beatin’ boppin’ pro,
run with your arms flailing forward, bounce without stopping and jump as you’ve never known a fall.

At 17months you define family by the noses you can touch in the room:
Baba’s nose
Mummy’s nose
T’s nose
Winnie’s nose.

At 17months you
say “Baba” and “at” (horse/throw) and “hiya” and “door” and “baayby”,
empty sock drawers for fun daily,
use crayons as screwdrivers to dismantle every chair.

You adore water and bubbles to splash in and squeal
and showers when you’re spotlessly clean.
You play ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘Fetch and Bring’ and “Sit and Think” and “Tickle Me!”
You’re the best in a playmate, MKM.

At 17 months you consider a blanket over our heads a haven to recover in; a cuddle from me the cure to all woes.

At 17 months you have no concept of fear.
Beds are for diving from,
couches are for surfing down,
chairs are for climbing upon.

At 17 months in,
laughter and tantrums intertwine in our world,
boundaries are being set and then tested,
games rediscovered, reinvented and replayed;
teeth brushed twenty times and more in a day.

At 17 months into this crazy puzzle of love we’re learning as we go with rotational pieces changing always. 17 months is worlds apart from 16, is savoured quite apart from the next. 17 months is another month made wonderful by you.

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