A Not So Turkish Life

Finding the yin to balance the yang

Today I could have used a little more patience. Today I could have shown a little more grace than I did. Today was one of those days when every single person in my household got out of the wrong side of bed but when that happens, when G gets to escape to the office blow the cobwebs away by immersion in work, when M gets to be nappy-less and T to sleep all day, I’m the one who’s meant to hold it all together amidst the pee and the puke and the whining. Most days, I love the challenge of all this – some of my most treasured memories of moments with M have come on the worst of days for us both – but some days, like today, finding my own yin to balance their yang is as hard as you’d think it would be.

While I pray to be granted more patience, ask forgiveness for times it evades, I’m all too aware that kids are going to be kids, and in a few short months we’re going to hit that two-year old wall and if we’re going to scale its heights without falling we all need to know how to take on these days. When a day’s started badly, it’s hard to think in terms of the whole day ahead because then thoughts go to bedtime and we don’t want to go there just yet! Breaking the day up into segments makes it manageable and yin-able, even enjoyable, on the worst of worst days: M copes better because we’re changing it up every half hour or so, I can let things go because time has come to move forward and T, well, T just rolls over. Without structure, minutes drag into hours which are endless; with focus I can bank precious moments…

milk mustaches on my biggest of boys

brothers in downtime, always touching each other

precious bundles sleeping peacefully in a place they are loved

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