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Babies: Butts and Boobs

..because that’s pretty much what life’s all about right now. After a rocky start with colostrum-heavy milk proving overwhelming for M and a short-lived nursing strike painful for us all, it seemed we were settling into a routine for tandem nursing and then M went down with a tummy upset and the balance has been upset somewhat the past few days but despite challenging minutes, frustration tears, nursing positions which makes me wonder why breastfeeding in tandem is not an Olympic sport, the precious moments nursing gives us, just me and my boys, M and T themselves, are experiences I’m locking in the memory bank of my mind. Love knows no boundaries – especially when boobs are involved.

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3 thoughts on “Babies: Butts and Boobs

  1. *le sigh* We’re currently struggling with low milk at 13 weeks. Did you experience that at all?

    Looking forward to following this journey because I dream of tandem nursing once babe #2 arrives a month before Big Bro’s 2nd birthday 🙂

    • Congratulations on your pregnancy! Yes, milk supply dropped round about 12 weeks, but M kept nursing, I drank fennel tea/ate tons of oatmeal and it picked up again around 18weeks. I was lucky to keep milk throughout the pregnancy – the only issue we had was it becoming more sensitive for me as the pregnancy progressed…

  2. That is a precious photo of them together

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