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Welcome Home Tiny T, Welcome Home

Welcome home, my weeest one! life’s spun so with magic since you joined our household at last, I don’t think I’ve said that to you, so: Welcome home, ATM, it’s a pleasure to have you here.

It’s hard to remember that you’re already two weeks old. As you lie sleeping in the chair your brother slept in, you’re not his size at birth yet, his clothes swallow you up. Yet as you lie there sleeping, my darling, you are so perfectly pint-sized full of spirit and as I watch you wriggle in slumber, I count our blessings for the boy under the babygrow. Waiting to meet you those eight hours after you entered our world were the longest minutes of the hours we’ve ever spent; seeing you finally, and peaceful, the most incredible seconds we’ve ever known. In the tense days which followed, though we weren’t always close by, you never once left our hearts, or our thoughts, little one.

The past week – yes, already a week all together alhamduillah – has filled our modest home with enough moments of love, laughter and gratitude to keep us floating for eternity. Your spindly legs are filling out, those deep inquisitive eyes are open and mashallah, tiny though you may be, healthy and strong you truly seem now.

At two weeks young, the character you’ve been gifted is already starting to show.

Patience and calmness emanate from you in the silence on your waking, lying eyes open wide, arms & legs stretching side-to-side, waiting trustingly for us to come hold you near.

You’re curious, little T, of the world you can hear expanding – perfectly content to listen to sounds from us and the home you’re coming to know. With your brother you respond assertively, reaching out long fingers in answer to his increasing caresses of your every body part, face and head; with your Baba you react to his voice, turning your mini-mini head to stretch out closer to the sound – recognition of true love seems to come from somewhere innate inside, will stand you well, God willing, my teeny wee man.

The days since you’ve been home have passed as one, yet all alone. Every single hour captured in snapshots within my mind, savoured in my soul for the rest of life to come. Pregnant with you, with your brother sitting astride the bump, love grew day upon day as we drew you nearer to our home; holding you now, your brother asleep and at our side, the breadth of this love is unfathomable to conceive, unrecordable in mere words typed on a page.

When you came into this world, you pieced together the final piece; when you came home you completed our world.

Welcome home, ATM, to this world, to this life, to our love.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Home Tiny T, Welcome Home

  1. Beautiful!! Congratulations on your newest adorable addition!

  2. Congratulations! Masallah, he is soo cute! C

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