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Beauty in all that we see

From Wednesday morning when we had no idea, to Friday evening when we came home without T, to Mum arriving, our bundle coming home and sitting here this Saturday..the past ten days have been a blur full of magic and wonder and fear and hope and love and it’s only now, with T asleep and M at the park, that I have chance to reflect on these days which have passed.


My darling M,
If you’d asked me a week ago if it were possible to love you more, I’d have answered “impossible”; ask me now, Babyone, and my heart overflows fuller than it ever could have dreamt it to be. The resilience you have shown over these few confusing days has awed both Baba and I – we’re so proud of the boy you’ve become mashAllah. Again and again you’ve floored us with empathy so beyond your meagre months…bringing presents to me on my bed, checking on T, taking me to him if he’s been alone too long for your liking..offering me water and food when he’s feeding, sharing your nursing sessions with tenderness, intrigue and laughter. In the four days we’ve been together, your love for him has blossomed; it’s an immeasurable privilege to watch you fall in love, little man, with your brother.

Thank you for swelling my heart.


My Baby T,

You came into this world as you came into our lives – so suddenly you swept us all off our feet. Every minute which passed before we held you was a trial, every minute we’ve held you since has been a bounty from Allah gifted to us – we are so thankful you’re home, in our arms where you belong.

I’m so looking forward to getting to know you, darling boy.


Dearest G,

Thank you for holding my hand and our hope and my heart. We’re four now – kinda cool.

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One thought on “Beauty in all that we see

  1. All the love you give is coming right back at you with such abundance. I am amazed by Kaan rising to this new situation with such aplomb, what an example you must have set. Lots of love to the whole family at this time of new blessings.

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