A Not So Turkish Life

Clean as mud

This post has been written and re-written three times now thanks to inquisitive fingers and internet malfunctions, so I’m feeling it’s destined to be a post of few words.

M’s world right now is one of exploration, of himself and his surroundings, of his boundaries and where to push, of our relationship and expressing love, of his likes and dislikes in all aspects of his world. This constant curiosity is a joy to behold and as I sit back and watch him dash from a toppled over sofacushion he’s just scaled, uninhibited glee oozing from every pore as he rushes to my arms eager to share the joy successfully scaling the mountain has brought him, I’m ever more thankful for being home with him and being the one who gets to witness these moments I will treasure forever.

Curiosity though, to be balanced with safety, and sanity and overstimulation of an ever-active little soul on the go, needs to be reigned in and guided to reep the benefits of this phase in his development. at the moment, he’s most interested in textures, his own dexterity and water..or anything wet. This activity – idea taken from The Imagination Tree – allows him to perfectly explore, experiment and play while having the added bonus of being clean play – a total bonus in this pregnant-Mum’s world!

Clean Mud

Grate a bar of soap into a big tub. Shred a roll of toilet paper and add it on top. Pour in water warm enough to ‘melt’ the soap and mix wth water instrument, or body part, appeals most to the toddler on that day!

(This is going to be one of the pre-prepped play activities I have ready for M after Bump’s born..pre-grated soap will store perfectly well in a ziplock and make the activity quick to pull out and engage in.)

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