A Not So Turkish Life

Finger power

When you’re first pregnant, you’ll download one of the numerous apps that measures your unborn child in relation to a fruit. On week 20 in utero, baby’s the size of a banana; by week 65 outside, baby’s eating 2 bananas a day and using his own fingers to peel them. There isn’t an app to track that.



You are 65 weeks and 5 days old. You weigh round about 10.5 kilo and are 88cm long. You like dancing to Bob Marley, eating your weight in fresh fruit and non-stop splashing and playing in water. You’ve an almost full set of teeth, a defined style to your waddling run and definite opinions on how you like your days to be. There’s no longer any comparison with a fruit, dear, you’ve already blossomed into a tree.

The world right now is about fingers – you spend all day challenging yours to do more. From discovering the bounds of dexterity whiling away metro rides opening and shutting keyring-size memory sticks, to pushing various shapes into similarly matched holes, you learn more about your hands every moment, expand your brain with every movement accomplished.

Despite your reluctance to be parted from my side at all, you are foraging out into the realms of independence more and more within the boundaries you set for yourself. As long as you are assured you can reach me – kitchen guard is not locked, bathroom door is not closed – you’re growing in confidence spending time by yourself. It’s frequent these days that I find you curled up with a book, lost in thought twiddling cables or deep in concentration with a puzzle or a toy. Zips, lids, keyrings,washing machine dials..everything is a new skill you long to master.

They say life needs a trajectory to keep us moving on; the grin you give, brighter than any glowing star which frames your face as you hurdle towards me, ready to throw yourself into my wide open arms provides perfect motion for Baba and I to glide on. You are our purpose and our reason and our compass in the midst of it all.

I’m so proud of you my darling little boy. And I love you. Wider than my arms could ever show.

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