A Not So Turkish Life

My Munchkin Man

MKM, almost 15months old now – it wouldn’t be a cliché to say how time whizzes past, how it seems like yesterday we were bringing you home, unaware of what to expect, totally unprepared for the adventures ahead and now look at you! Mr Independence, confident, inquisitive, loving, empathic, infectiously giggly and fun, M, you’re so very much fun.

This morning we checked out a new park, you and I. Just up the road, freshly retarmaced – no I don’t understand either why tarmac plus playground seems a logical mix, but hey ho, there we go! – two different sized slides, a couple of swings, a see-saw to turn into a horse and pillars and stuff to run all around. Your favourite activity of the morning, my son? chasing your shadow while crawling on the floor!

Just as you decide to crawl rather than slide, there’s no telling you what to do anymore. You know your own mind and decide for yourself. I love having the freedom to be able to indulge you in this, let you share in the pattern of our days not just dictate what we’ll be doing, when and where. Yesterday at 1pm you were splashing in the bath, because you’d learnt to put the plug-in and turn on the tap. 45minutes later, wrinkled as a prune, grinning from ear-to-ear, you emerged bounding with energy, exhilarated from the activity you had chosen. I’m not sure how this will change once your brother is born, but I do know that compromise is what makes a harmonious state of pace and I promise to try to accommodate you darling, in the same way I’m able to now.

This month is fine motor skills and curiosity month. If you’re not cleaning with mops or dusters, you’re taking something apart, studiously exploring the anatomy of the thing, frowning in concentration as you contemplate how two parts fit together or the cable fits into the slot or the zip moves up and down. Reigning you in is a tougher job now in this phase – we don’t want to prohibit you, but we need to keep you safe. We don’t want to baby-proof the entire house, nor see you unwittingly hurt yourself. There are days with lots of tantrums, when I say “no” more times than I’d like; there are days when we work well together and in the balance of these all days we are finding our path, discovering how to work efficiently as a team, how to bounce not ricochet. I have every confidence we’ll get there pretty soon and you’re a great teammate with whom to play.

You’re teething again, Babyone. Four teeth this time – I will never understand your rush to push them out, nor ever underestimate your strength having seen you repeatedly smile through what must be at times horrible pain, you’re an inspiration, and a lesson on resilience and looking at the beauty and intricacy and wonder of life wherever we stand (or sit) still to view.

15 months has passed since you first entered our home and still now, mop or no mop, you make it shine brighter with every new day.Thank you, my little Munchkin Man; thank you for making my heart sing and the sun shine through clouds even on a thundery day.

Mummy x

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