A Not So Turkish Life

Yoghurts and curls

Your growth is so speedy these days, Babyone. I place you down for a nap – perhaps more, ‘wrangle’ you down – and when you wake you’re more alert, less of a baby than you were just one short hour prior. Your self expression, from sounds you use and accompanying hand actions, to your reactions and choices, is abundant right now. Life is yours for the taking, and you’re figuring that out.

As a newborn you were assertive, proactive with your time: not for you the lazy feedings, you’d feed simply to feed, 10minutes, on and off; as a toddler this trait has followed you through. Mealtimes are for eating, never talking or playing, there’s too much to learn, too many foods to explore. At 12months, 2 weeks you chose to swap fingers for a spoon, and though some practice is required, you’re mastering the art.



This dislike of wasted time crosses over to the rest of time, you never sit still, unless to ponder, and even then it’s a short lived event. From morning ’til night, with a nap once a day, your batteries are ticking and seem forever fully charged. Just the past few short days you’ve realized cars say “beep! Beep!” (and therefore anything else which moves too), that mimicking sounds will make us laugh, how to open a push top box and have discovered that with just a slight angled kick, the muff for your pram lifts right off in one fell swoop. Less of the later please, little man.

Mornings start with a smile, a jump up from sleep position and a point of the finger indicating the day’s begun; evenings end with an exhausted smile, a slow crawl into my arms and a point to the bedroom for one final tired feed. You snuggle down and recharge, knowing tomorrow there’s more fun to come.


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