A Not So Turkish Life

Small changes: Big leap

Life’s felt rather transient in the past year. Since the first evening in this flat we call home we’ve known we want to move on. That feeling hasn’t faded, in fact it’s grown stronger as the months pass by, but the reality of an escape at the moment has faded and though we’ve gone back and forth between jumping ship or not, we’re not really going anywhere but the lessons learnt from our last flat have left us reluctant to put anything but the bare minimum of effort into this, once again someone else’s flat. A few weeks ago, I couldn’t take it anymore. Dragging G around, we replaced the hideous bathroom mirror for a neutral alternative, put a table in the kitchen and hung paintings on the walls. Over the coming weeks I hope we’ll find time to transform the balcony from somewhere to store our junk into somewhere we can relax and enjoy, we may even hang curtains too. Total renovation costs will have been minimal compared to a move somewhere else and though the problems of the flat don’t go away with another nail in the wall, they fade somewhat when that flat looks a little more like home. We’ll probably lose our deposit for the nails in the wall but it’s worth it. And more. Our family needs a home and now, not then, if we can ever buy our own. Our now, our traditions, our unit is forming here and its here that our memories will stay so if here’s where we’ll be, here’s where we’ll be. A new mirror may be a small change, but it signals a much bigger leap in thinking of our life. Home is where the heart is, right?

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