A Not So Turkish Life

Letting go to let life in.

It’s been eleven months and twenty days since my son was born into this world and it’s time to let go of the pain of his birth, time to leave behind the guilt and sheer hurt. In four months our second son will be born and for him, and for M, it’s time to let go. Last night as I lay in the bath, I let my hand rub my scar – the reminder of his labour and entry into our life – I hardly ever let my fingers rest there, I couldn’t handle the sensation of it being there but not really, like his birth, like our start. But last night, somehow, it didn’t tingle anymore. No more pins and needles, just another scar on skin. I’m not sure when feeling came back, what moment the electric static went. But I’m thankful alhamduillah, so thankful those feelings have gone. Time to let go, to let this new life in.

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