A Not So Turkish Life

Taking back time

Everything in life has a negative to balance out the positive; our job is to find that balance, keep things on a level plane. The Internet is a fantastic tool benefiting my life in innumerable ways. It provides a connection to family far away, a network of people I rely on and access to a wealth of information on any subject anytime – yet most of the wasted time in my day also comes from the internet and the time suck I allow it to become.

We’ve yet to fix up a speaker system in this flat, the old one being too powerful for this space, resulting in the computer being on all day playing music. Consequently it is far, far too easy to spend those five minutes here and there when M’s busy playing by himself or absorbed in a book to hop online. The problem is, those random minutes are never constructive -not time enough to write a post here, not quite enough to get stuck into grammar exercise or Pilates routine so I find myself whiling away time on random sites, pinning ideas for crafts lack of time prevents ever being projects offline. I lose count of the times daily I feel like an extra hour would give me the time to do “me stuff” that right now 24 doesn’t give. As the real realisation that M’s first birthday approaches quicker than coffee brews hit me last week I realised I had to do something about this: Instead of complaining how time flies so much, my new mantra is to spend those minutes wasted reclaiming time. There are twenty-four hours in these days alhamduillah; is to take them all back.

As of this week, the laptop now sits on a shelf out of temptations reach and is touched only to switch music channels. Three lists are tacked to the fridge; to-do lists for different categories (this week sewing/organising, M’s birthday, quiet book pages) and instead of spending time online, I try cross off one from each list daily. Mornings seem far more productive..with only more mess as resulting issue but let’s face it, those five minutes here and there would all be swallowed into the vacuum if I tidied as I went along!

Inshallah, before M’s birthday rolls round – T-9 days and counting! – the quiet book I’ve been promising to make him since birth will be done, his cake & party will be ready to assemble and the sewing pile will be considerably less.

Small steps but as G’s out from 7-9 most days and Saturdays being the only day we get as a family, small steps here and there into already busy days may have just the impact I need to feel like I’m doing things outside being a Mum and a wife, without loosing any precious hours with my boys.

Any tips to take back even more time?

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