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Turks #socsunday

I’m sitting typing and trying to gobble down a bowl of rice simultaneously while M eats his dinner. This afternoon we met up with a friend – the one about whom I’ve written before, whose perceptions of my reasons for wearing hijab I’m unclear? – and as always happen we ended up talkign about Turks in general. Before M was born, I’d find myself complaining often about the nationals of my host nation…ever after I’d gone and married one of them. Now, with a baby who holds a passport making him one of these nationals, it’s not so approprioate to do so. And as I’ve pondered on this, I’ve come to realise how generalised and therfore false many of my complaints about Turks have possibly been and offer an apology to any who happen to fall upon this post!

What makes a Turk?
What makes a Brit?

Is nationalism a mentality you’re born with or is instilled? Do we as parents teach it or does the environment transfer it unseeen? How do dual natiolists feel? Can you identify with both?

I need to write a longer post about this, about who, what and about why perceptions of Turkish are built, try break them down, crack the mirror. But today, as my Turk eats his tea, and I nibble into mine, I’m left pondering these questions and my role in answering them. Do we need a flag for identity? many Palestinians I know say yes….


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One thought on “Turks #socsunday

  1. Interesting, I must go back and read some more of your posts or wait for you to elaborate on this a bit more. I found myself wanting to know more of what you’re thinking here. I watched a documentary a couple weeks ago on the origin of humans, how we all began in Africa and different groups over very long stretches of time, migrated to the different parts of the world. We became different only then, with different challenges with different climates, predators, prey, food supply, etc. I feel at the core we are all still very alike, but now have all these different beliefs that mostly all have a similar end. So I probably don’t think we need a flag to define us, in fact that may even inaccurately define us since even within the same country there are different beliefs much of the time, especially here in the US, too many, lol. In the end we’re all human. Lot’s more to think on here.

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