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Made to be a boy Mum

Some people are simply meant to be girl Mums and I have a friend who’s the perfect example. She excels at plaiting intricate french braids, happily spends hours contemplating the subtle differences between plum or aubergine varnish and recoils in horror at mud, worms and bugs. God gave her two girls and that’s perfect for her. I on the other hand, have never yet managed a basic braid with panash and can’t imagine ever getting that down. No, I was made to be a boys Mum and todays ultrasound showed us so!

just stretching my legs 🙂

Our family of three will be a family of four, with two boys, one little, one small. It’s going to be fun, so, so much fun.

Everything looked healthy, alhamduillah; baby 2 was stretching his legs, resting back on a bent elbow as though reclining back on a pillow. Nice and cosy in there.

Stay tight, littlest one, we’re waiting for you to join us.

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8 thoughts on “Made to be a boy Mum

  1. Congratulations =)
    So I get you are fine with mud?
    Ew! I guess nature couldn’t decide what to do with me. I have my girl who loves splashing in mud =( I can’t convince her otherwise for the life of me!

    • hehe – a bit gender stereotypical of me, huh 😉 Love mud – think all kids, gender regardless, should be well acquainted with the stuff! (remind me of this in about three years time!)

  2. Amira Hammad on said:

    Congratulations, baby # 2 is another boy for me too inshallah although i feel im more a girl mum 🙂 but alhamdulillah they are beautiful boy or girl. My sister has two boys too very close in age and its pretty chaotic all day long for her hoping it all depends on their personality 🙂

  3. Congratulations! And I know just what you mean. Although I thought at one point that Baby E might be a girl, I was really quite pleased to have a second boy. I know what to do with boys now. Having a girl would be quite a daunting prospect – haha!

  4. Yay & congrats! I love being a boy mom, and I really do hope that my next one is a boy as well, although obviously I’ll be happy with either. Just something about little boys.

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