A Not So Turkish Life

11 months today

Well, MKM, 11months old and every bit your age.

This morning, sprightly as a bean you chased me round the bedroom giggling as we went. The craft needs a few little tweaks – turning, slowing, bending – but on the whole, you’ve got it down-pat. Congratulations baby boy, it’s just one of the immeasurable reasons Mummy is proud of you.

As you enter your twelfth month it’s hard to fathom the concept that it’s almost been a year since we met. A year since you first looked me in the eye as you suckled at my breast, now you giggle as you eat, fall off and start again! 11months since your dimpled hands grasped a finger, held on so very tight – you now hold fingers as a balancing tool to use them to accomplish your goal. At eleven months young your appetite is as large as a baby of three times your age – we’re saving now for your teenage year meals!

These past few weeks you seem to have bloomed into being, speeding up with the process, leaving babyhood behind. Your hair’s no longer whispy, that baby swirl has thickened out. Already showing your Turkishness at such a tender age, stomach ‘muscles’ are starting to expand; the cutest little podge I’ve ever seen.

My heart pauses in beat when in the mornings, as I take five minutes to lie on the floor, yoga posed, reading a book over my head, you toddle over and rest your head on my expanding tummy. You sit, content, lost in thought. The most incredible moments of day.

You’ve grown so much MKM that yesterday was our last attempt at an outing with you in a front wrap…too heavy, too big now. Instead we’re working on back carries and having so much fun.

As you enter your twelfth month, as we pass by the last days holding your first year, I’m trying to find wisdom words, what little that I know, to store for later life. Thoughts to ponder on, advice to take on board, titbits to question time again. But the overriding thought I want you to take from me, from the box, from our wonderous, expansive relationship are words far wiser than mine could ever be:

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It won’t lead you astray.” Rumi

Thank you for pulling me, darling son. With all of my heart, thank you.

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