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Poorly baby

M’s been sick all week. After running a temperature saturday night, he woke with diarrhea Sunday morning, Monday too and Tuesday added vomiting into the mix. There’s nothing more pitiful than a baby who’s ill and there’s no harder feeling than that of a Mum who has nothing to do. Aside from cuddles, round-the-clock nursing, herbal rubs and warm-soak compresses, no amount of Mummy time can make him feel better.

I dislike relying on medicines. There is most definitely such a phenomenon as too much of a good thing and the more we make our bodies dependant on artificial medicine to fight pain or heal itself, the more resilient our bodies become to the components of these drugs. One day we may really need the drugs to work and if that’s the case, I want my body and those of my husband and children to be as unused to the individual components as possible in order to see the speediest results from the lowest of doses. Allah only knows if my logic’s sound, but that’s my way of thinking so in our home, we fight off illness in natural ways lemon and rosemary oils, cloves, warm oil in ears, eucalyptus, sandalwood, chicken soup and garlic cloves. We nourish, sooth our bodies and give it rest and time. But just now we’ve rung the doctor for M because at 4 days in, it’s clear his body needs help.

Parenting is one big long journey of self-doubt, it seems. Second guessing your choices even when you know them to be right. The pediatrician we chose for M is one who thinks on a similar wave-length regarding unnecessary intervention. Her advice when we rang was leave him, B(ananas)R(ice)A(pplesauce)T(oast) diet, 3 days; we said it had been 4, she gave drugs right away. We did the right thing, my instinct was on-ball but if he feels better now, in a matter of hours, I’ll feel awful still for not demanding drugs on day 1 even knowing I’ll do the same next time round.

I hope that they work, I pray he feels better. Watching him in pain hurts my stomach too. as a Mum i want to be enough, want to heal him with my love, but you can’t it doesn’t work; sometimes after all the loving and praying in the world you need medicine still. I’m grateful for medicine, I’m thankful for this doctor and I’m utterly indebted for the gift that is not having to leave M to work. No matter how horrid the nappies or how crazy the laundry pile, there is nowhere else I’d rather be than here.

Feel better soon, Babyone – chicken soup awaits xx

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