A Not So Turkish Life

In the blink of an eye

Time flies. I can’t quite wrap my head around the idea that it’s the start of a new month already, even less around the notion that in 6 weeks time our baby boy turns one.

Watching Supernanny last week, just how fast time moves hit me. The children featured in the episode were 13, 7 and 3 – though we have friends whose children range in age from 3 up to 13 it wasn’t until seeing these ages in snapshots on tv that I realised how grown-up these ages are; three is not a baby anymore. In a few months M’ll be walking, by two he’ll be talking and by three he’ll be calling the shots! Right now, as he curls up on my lap watching snow fall outside, that is so hard to vision, yet all too easy to see.

How quickly time flies, babyone.

In the blink of an eye you’ve grown from this:

into this

gone from just doing only this

Breastfeeding at one week old

to eating like this

Instead of resting here

you now just stand like this

The changes you make, my precious little man, are not lost when they pass in the blink of my eye, they’re stored in a memory bank and treasured more each day. Being your Mum as you’re a baby is a wonderful ride but as the journey progresses there are more wonders in store, for you and for me, and I’m banking them all, one blink at a time.

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