A Not So Turkish Life

Budget week 2

Last week we were on budget; we even came in under by 13tl. This week, we started off badly and though it’s only Monday today, we’re on catch up mission to redeem pockets and purses.

See, hubby dearest stopped at the market on his way home on Friday and, full of childlike glee at the snow falling outside, proceeded to buy everything we’d need to be home-bound for a week, and in style. Steaks, crisps, noodles and ice-cream (an ironice choice, no?) were only some of the items his treasure trove held. I’m not mad – his choice of housebound food and excitement at the snow was adordably endearing – but it did bring home clarity to me: When I say “we” are sticking to a budget, that means “I’m” reigning in the purse strings! After a couple of not-really-budget meals, a break in the snowfall Sunday allowed a dash to the local market to restock on fruit, veg and fish and we just missed the budget: Then I saw Dunkin’ Doughnuts…enough said. Between us, we overspent the budget by 40tl this week..well 27 if we take off last weeks leftover so not too terrible an ammount. Still, it’s clear – whether I’m pregnant or not – it’s not only G who needs reigning in sometimes!

I decided on reflection that sharing the exact spending and quantities that we bought didn’t sit right with me, however writing down the meals we ate did make me more concious of our usage of food. Doughnuts aside, this week inshallah I’ll be more conscious still and can improve on both the cost of and efficiency of our meals.

Meals week 2:


Lunch: winter greens sauted w/ red pepper & onions, rice
Dinner: Steak, chips, salad & mushroom-cream sauce


Breakfast: Turkish toast aka grilled cheese sandwiches
Lunch: at mother-in-laws
Dinner: Winter green soup, chicken curry a la Turka, salad, rice


Breakfast: Turkish breakfast
Lunch: Leftover salad, tuna, homemade houmous, avocado
Dinner: Hotdogs (for G& I), soup, crackers & fruit (for M)


Breakfast: Homemade muesli (me); egg, fruit (M)
Lunch: Leftover chicken curry & rice
Dinner: Lentil & spinach pastries, deviled eggs, salad, red lentil pate.


Homemade muesli (me); egg, fruit (M)
Lunch: Lentil pate, rice, devilled egg (me), strawberries
Dinner: Salad, pasta w/ minced beef

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