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Relief and joy

Saturday was our 12 week scan, that turned out to be a thirteen week scan. This pregnancy so far had passed without my really allowing myself to believe it. Once the morning sickness stopped, I had no other symptoms…I wasn’t so tired, my breasts didn’t hurt, and with no belly to remind me, once the morning injection was done and dusted, it was easy to forget all day. So genuinely did I forget last week, that I agreed to take a friends daughter ice-skating – erm..yeah. But it wasn’t just symptoms that were allowing me to forget – I was nervous, as well. My subconcious is very good at shutting out something it doesn’t want to feel; I take practical steps necessary, relegate emotions to one side. On Sunday morning, when G asked me how I felt, for the first time in this pregnancy I could answer with hopeful. And relieved. And delighted. And excited. Because on Saturday we saw baby number two; healthy, happy and comfy in there. And while we watched number 2, we held number 1 who also watched, and smiled, and laughed at his sibling who was jumping up and down. Saying “Hi”, perhaps? Alhamduillah – I’m so grateful for this life.

ooooh this here's a good trampoline!

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3 thoughts on “Relief and joy

  1. Congratulations! Babies are so wonderful, and I’m excited to see your updates! Thanks for sharing

  2. awww congratulations and I hope it continues to go smoothly!

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