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Parenting decisions: how do we know what’s ‘right’? #SOCSunday

M is 10 months old today. He’s officially been here on the outside, longer than he was with us on the inside. These past months have been the steepest learning curve of my life in so many ways, and for G and I as a couple, have given many challenges. As a multicultured family, we often don’t see eye to eye initially on how to raise our child: I tend to find much of the Turkish approach too coddling in approach, too old-fashioned in method and in contrast, my suggestions often seem extreme to him as the concept is so new. Since M was born, we’ve both made concious efforts to identify and respect the areas most important to each other, and if need be, to compromise our prefered approach to accomodate an idea/application important to the other. I agreed to stay home with M for 40days post-birth in deference to G’s culture-led belief that this is most beneficial to baby and mother; he in turn has gone along with my baby-led weaning approach to solid food introduction and reluctance to pump full of vitamins/medication, even when against prediatric advice. We give and we take because that’s what being a couple is all about and if that is being a couple, it’s being a good parent, too. Yet because we agree to do things the others way, that doesn’t mean we agree. I’m worried this could come back to bite us; what if “your” way was wrong – can the other say “I told you so”? How do we ever really know the choice which is right?


(Ooops I broke the rules..today’s Monday. Oh well.)

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2 thoughts on “Parenting decisions: how do we know what’s ‘right’? #SOCSunday

  1. Fadra on said:

    Here’s something to know: there is rarely a moment in parenting where you can clearly say “oops, that was wrong.” It is a learning curve and you’ll keep change your mind and direction every step of the way. Just make sure you both keep your eye on the prize (a healthy baby!)

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