A Not So Turkish Life

My, oh, my; how fast you grow!

Babyone! I’m sitting here watching you chow your way through your third apple slice (cored so it’s like an oversized polo to fit on your finger) having already eaten an entire egg for breakfast. As the sun shines in through the window – yes, there is a little sun today – your hair seems thicker than yesterday, your furrowed concentrating brows bushier, somehow. This morning as you woke kitten-like, bounding over the bed to giggle, hide under the duvet and climb on my face, there was an unmistakable boy quality to your movements, to your chat, to your being. You are becoming yourself.

The trepidation you had only a few short weeks ago has gone, replaced with a belief in yourself that will turn my hair grey! Jumping between surfaces to use as walking aids, belly-diving between couches and using anything to be found as a stepping stone up, there’s a toddler let loose in here! How’d that happen — where did you come from? And now you sit, in contemplation, apple slices all eaten, idly picking at remnants of eggin between twiddling your fingers, absorbed in the world outside the window; how the leaves blow in the wind and the birds glide on by. The world fascinates you now as it did just back then, but it daunts you no more: the world is your world and you’re ready to explore.

window gazing

Off we go, MKM, scoop me up for the ride.

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