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Stream of Concious Sunday: Who do you see in me?

I have a friend. When I covered my hair, she was the only one not to comment; she asked no questions, expressed no judgement on my choice. At the time, I was thankful. Now, I wish that she had. See that friend made a judgement when she saw me that first day, and by allowing her questions to go unasked and unanswered, I allowed her judgements to stick.

We had lunch last week. Throughout that lunch she sat opposite me, wearing my headscarf to protect my hijab, and proceeded to give her opinion on women who wear headscarves in Turkey – on Muslims in Turkey. She’d just returned from Dubai and was full of admiration for the women she’d seen there–women who are ‘good” examples of covered women..they “weren’t bothered about hair showing”, wore “incredibly high heels” and always looked glam. She went on to say how there was no need to fully cover..burka..and that now she’d had first hand chance to mingle with women who did she could tell me outright that the ones who do dress in burka are ugly – so that’s why.

It’s not often I’m lost for words, but sitting opposite my friend that day, I had little to say. The wordds wouldn’t come. Who does she think that she sees? I realised that day that she sees a woman in love with her husband who covered for him, not a woman who does this for God. She has no idea of the person I am, and I realised too, that if she did – if she acknowledged my reasons, we might be friends no more…that we’re not truly friends now.

When you look at that woman when she’s walking down the street, when you see my head’s covered and my skirts reach to my feet – who do you see? Do you really see me?

Who do you see?



This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…

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4 thoughts on “Stream of Concious Sunday: Who do you see in me?

  1. So interesting to hear your thoughts. Truly. I don’t think I have ever heard the thoughts from a woman who wears a burka and how she feels about it. Thank you for sharing.

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