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A year of firsts..and seconds

I can’t believe how quickly time seems to move lately. One minute it’s October and we’ve got months til new year; the next minute it’s Friday and the middle of January already. I like to think time is relative..tho I think actually, whatever relativity I attach to it, I’d still come up lagging behind. I can’t keep up! M is changing daily, alhamduillah, and I want to capture each beat but before I know it we’re onto the next. Business plans are made with next month in mind, then we’re two months ahead of that time. House decisions, car plans, social events and travel details all seem to be things we discuss in the figurative and time doesn’t allow us to realise. How is it Friday, already?

2012 is a year full of goals and full of firsts for our family. M’s going to take his first unaided steps any day, his first word has already come out (“Baba”..to call G back to him) and his first birthday approaches fast uphead. We’ve already had his first teeth, his first smile..the firsts which ten months ago seemed so far away.

I cannot wait for this year. Last year taught me so much, readjusted my world to what’s important to me – to us as a family – and I can’t wait to take that forward, expand on it this year. It’s hard to wrap my head round the number of firsts we still have to come; let alone the fact seconds are coming round too! I have no idea what changes this second baby will bring to our world; I do know that whatever changes do come are part of our journey and I welcome them all. Yes, time is all relative but your journeys’ length is, too.

This baby in my tummy will inshallah bring about all our seconds..first teeth for the second time, first smiles again and so on, but those seconds will also bring firsts. Ahead this year we have M’s first interaction with his sibling after birth, before that M’s reactions to the baby’s first in-uterus kicks! There will be first smiles from the baby, then first smiles from each other..from big brother to a little. I so look forward to that.

Relative or not, time does move so fast. Before G or I know it, I’ll be 35 weeks in and we’ll be preparing for a birth. I’m looking forward to the seconds to come, but right now, it’s the firsts that I’m cherishing. This time with M, when its just he and I, we can never reclaim before time overtakes. The second half of this year will be new baby time, but right now its about me and my son..this dude who just lights up my world.

Play time 🙂

You’ll be a great big brother, MKM, but right now..you’re mine! Love you, kiddo.

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