A Not So Turkish Life

And one more makes four :)

I wrote this post 5 weeks ago but couldn’t risk my Mum’s wrath in posting before having told her beforehand…

…so now she knows, I can tell you, too, that….

… in 2012..

…with Allah (swt)’s blessing…

….. M is going to be a brother!

Our family will have jumped from two to four in three short years and we’ll have two babies under the age of two. Are we nervous? A little. Are we excited? Heck yes! Life since M has been the biggest most incredible rollercoaster; this extra twist is going to make the ride even more magical and we’re holding on tight with grins on our faces.

I’m 9 1/2 weeks through the first trimester. Some may say we should wait to share this news here. I believe the journey of this baby, still a bean right now, is in only Gods’ hands: If it is meant to join our family, it will. Our friends, our family – the people with whom we share our lives – are involved in the good and the bad. If we love you, and you love us, this is our journey so hop on for the ride!

(plus, not too many real-life friends know of this blog’s existence, so technically, it’s still an open secret to date 😉

This blog is my space – it’s here for M to look back on (insh’Allah, this baby too!), it’s for me to return to and is an somewhere I can release to. Being abroad isn’t always easy to share our life with all those whom we love and these pages help us do just that. So I’m sharing, putting it out there and that brings a smile to my face — We’re having another baby!

Two under two – are we mad? Quite possibly.

Are we up for the challenge and the fun and the tears and the joy?
Throw us what you’ve got – we’re waiting here to catch.

Welcome aboard, Littlest One, you’re so loved already.

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