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Istanbul Toy Museum

They say you never appreciate what you have until it’s gone and since M’s birth, G and I have found this to be depressingly true with regards to time. Before he was born, and before I was pregnant more so, though we complained of not having enough time we still found plenty of that time to waste. The benefit of working for yourself is – to an extent – being able to set your hours and we would happily work through the night in order to take time off in the day. Now M’s here, hours just simply aren’t flexible, working from home is much harder and time really doesn’t stretch far. This weekend was the first weekend in a long time the three of us had two full days together and we made every second of those count.

On Sunday having left home without any particular plans we found ourselves close to Göztepe, on the asian side of the city. A while ago, I’d read about the Istanbul Toy Museum but had never heard anyone mention it, nor seen a sign and indeed aside from a small yellow sign, there is nothing to warn you of what lies hidden away on a unasuming residential street – until you turn onto the street and come face to knee with three overgrown giraffe on the road!

directly behind the giraffes guarding its entrance is Istanbul Toy Museum, a concept dreamt of and realised by Sunay Akin, a Turkish poet, author and television host. Spread over four storeys, the museum takes you on a journey through the history of toys and while abundant with appeal for children, it is equally as fascinating for adults. Divided into rooms, visitors travel through different eras as they’re shown the correlation between world events and popular toy movements. Toys from all corners of the world, from the 1900’s to yesterday are on display and, refreshingly, there is no gender preference in the display or selection of the toys. The museum is full of interesting trinkets, old newspapers and toys we had neither of us heard of.

teddies of all kinds

loved how the trains were displayed through a train window with curtain!

the most intricate dolls house

The museum is obviously aimed at children much oder than M, but with so much to look at he was happy as could be; especially in the “space” room with its flashing star ceiling! It’s definately somewhere we’ll be returning when M’s bigger inshallah and that time I hope we’ll get to the chocolate house cafe too because the coffee smelt just divine!

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6 thoughts on “Istanbul Toy Museum

  1. Seems like you had a great time!

  2. Asalamu Alaykom,

    Nice to know there’s a giraffee hanging out in Istanbul!

    I would love to visit Turkey and I’m a big fan of toy museums. I’ve seen the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood in London and that remains an all-time favorite. There’s something about seeing the reminants of early years which seem to tell more about the society than any industrial effort or governmental entity.

    • Wa’alaikum selam,

      I’d never heard of the Bethnel Green Museum but now having looked it up, I’m eager to go! Thanks for the tip. Totally agree with you – remnants add a depth of realism no conceived for the part entity could.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Googled Istanbul Toy Museum and found you!

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