A Not So Turkish Life

9 months young

Wow! 9 months young, babyone. It seems like yesterday we held you for the first time. You’re growing so so so so fast.

rise and shine!

For the past nine months we’ve been amazed by you daily and our awe of your intelligence, your patience, your curiosity only grows each day. We sit and watch as you sit, perched with one leg tucked underneath you, tuft of hair curling out above your ear and turn a book the right way up then smile at us to read it together. We sit, tears of wonder pouring as you meet your fingers into a circle shape as the other hand holds a circle cube – they match, you think! We laugh til our bellies ache as, like a lion cub, you carry teddies to and fro, placing them safe in your den of the day. We barely take breathe as we watch you let go of furniture to stand on your own, see you collect your balance and grin for encouragement.

hmm, what's this?

We love how every day is an adventure day, every new object an exploration to be had. Slowly, signs of mischief are poking through that innocent gaze and we’ve taken to batting down the hatches. so far, MKM you’ve learnt to drop shoes down the loo and try to fish them out, press stop and start on dishwasher and washing machine and to open the kitchen cupboard doors. Mummy’s wardrobe is the best of all fun as you try to chew buttons off her clothes and if we’re either of us silly enough to leave the spare room door ajar, Mums’ fabric supply makes the best chaos fun.

I can help, Mum!

Your giggles are contagious and your smile mesmerizing. We hear chatter non-stop from morning til night, we hear you giggle and wriggle in sleep. Mealtimes are bundles of fun as you explore tastes and textures with both hands and your mouth. Your favourite foods this month are persimmon and lentils – not together, I might add – and if it’s spicy or exotic, there’s none left on the plate. You eat with your hands, use pre-loaded sppons and forks and drink from a small little glass. When you want to, you’re neat but it seems part of the fun in a meal is seeing how messy one can get; our floors have never been so clean, babyone!

sweet & sour, yum!

Yet despite all of this, despite the advances you make every day, the new skills you leasrn and fresh sounds that you make, despite all the signs that you’re growing up fast, when you wake from a sleep and come to give us a hug, you’re still our baby, Babyone.

post-sleep fluffiness

We love you so much, MKM.

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2 thoughts on “9 months young

  1. I so enjoy reading your blog. Your writing is beautiful. Thank you.

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