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On the move, perhaps

We’re thinking about moving. To even think that thought just doesn’t make sense – we’ve only been here a year, the area’s great, flat a decent size and the rent is a steal, but despite all those things in its favour, we’re probably still going to move.

The problem isn’t the flat or the area, it’s the neighbours and I feel awful about that because as people they’re lovely..friendly, welcoming, live their lives by the same values as us; but as neighbours…The problem is, they’re also our landlords and in the apartment block of 5 flats, we’re the only non-family inhabitants. As is so often the case in Turkey, the family built the apartment block and gave a flat each to the children of the owner; these children live there with their families and live as an extended family unit. Since it was built 30 years ago, the apartment block has served as a communal living space; unfortunately for us, the matriarch lives on the top floor – directly above us – putting our front door in prime sound absorbing distance of the orders bellowed back and forth, the conversations they won’t pick up the phone to have, and the stomping of feet as they run up and down. If it were just these annoying sounds, we’d probably block them right out…this has been their way of life – of interacting – for so long who on earth are we to ask them to change! But it’s not just the noise and we can switch off those sounds, tune out their conversations but carpets being banged against our bedroom wall at 10pm at night or being confronted by other people’s underwear in the entrance way to our home, those things we can’t just block out – not to do such things is a basic courtesy and living without that is hard. In fact it’s driving us insane.

But financially a move now just doesn’t make sense. One of our reasons for moving here last year was to reduce our costs, balance out the figures then start saving for a mortgage deposit. We’re finally at the point to start saving that deposit and if we move we’ll literally throw away four months of that saving..there’s the estate agent fee and deposit to pay, the removal van company and all those inevitable extras that come when you move into somewhere new. If we just stay here another 12 months, inshallah we could move straight to somewhere that we’ll own, that we can really make home; so what makes sense is to stay. To suck it up, try to drown out the noises, close our eyes to the rest and stick it out another year.

But we’re still thinking of moving, still looking for another rental because though in daylight, with figures on the table before us and iTunes drowning out their bathtime we can see the sense in staying put; come the evening, when M’s gone down, the music’s off and the sound of someone elses argument wakes our baby for the third time in as many hours, those figures don’t seem worth it at all.

To move, or not to move? The perpetual question round here.

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