A Not So Turkish Life

Dear so and so…

Dearest M,

Remember when I said it was the small things? Yeah, that..but also the big things too: you’re standing, buddy! Twice, bum-feet, 30 seconds steady! Good job, babyone.

Mummy xx


Dear friend,

Your offer to babysit was the first we’ve had – it meant so much. I’ll take you up on it, soon.

Loving thanks,

An expat-Mum


Dear passengers on the metro-bus,

It’s 5pm, and I’m sure you’ve had a hard day in the office. I don’t expect you to give up your seat to me, though both courtesy and the law dictates you kinda should, but please don’t think avoiding my eye does makes this baby wrapped to my chest less of a reality. Oh, and guy who tried to hide the sign stating seats must first be given to elderly, those with children, disabled etc? Karma, my friend, karma.


Disenchanted lady hugging her baby to her chest.


Dear elderly man on the bus,

May Allah reward you ten-fold. Thank you, but please; you need the seat more than we do.


Grateful lady hugging her baby to her chest.


Dear old ladies on the bus,

I have no idea what I was thinking taking my baby out in this awful weather. Profuse apologies. The scarf, hat, hooded water-proof coat, gloves and three layers of wrap he was snuggled into couldn’t possibly have protected him from a low of 10 degrees. You’re right, I will have to answer to the doctors when he becomes ill. Thanks for the warning.


A sternly-put-in-her-place novice Mum

Dear lady in the fur coat,

Ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer. Of course my intention is not to prevent my son breathing, but the look on your face was too priceless to resist. Sorry. FYI: babywearing is safe, even recommended and yes, he can breathe wrapped up in there.


Lady on the bus not actually trying to suffocate her son


Dear me,

Laugh or cry. Laugh, my dear,

Love you

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