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SOCS – Life in a Box

As M once again laughed as we waved bye to my family in the UK and closed down the computer, I realised that so much of M’s comprehansion of family comes from these conversations conducted via skype. Today when Mum and I started our conversation, M was asleep in his wrap. When he woke up, there was no surprise on his face to see Mummy sitting talking to Grandma through a screen; he just smiled as if to say “hi there!” Living in a box behind a screen is normal to him.

I wonder if his comprehension that other people live in a box will be a help or a hindrance in differenciating between their life and ours? You know when you watch a movie and the fairy lights look so much brighter than any you’ve seen in real life – will their lights glow so brightly? In M’s world people may well live in boxes but they step in and out of them, too….Will he understand why we refuse him his tree?


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12 thoughts on “SOCS – Life in a Box

  1. My son is definitely growing up in the digital age. He has done video chats since he was young. He used to talk into the phone as if the voice on the other end could see what he was showing. It’s interesting to watch them grow and see how they learn to distinguish reality from other things.

  2. It’s amazing how are children are learning to relate to the world. It’s so different from the way we were brought up. The blessing, though, is 10 years ago, he wouldn’t have been able to see his G’Mom with them being so far away!

  3. Interesting thought. That’s exactly how my aunt & uncle get more “face time” with their twin grand babies (well not so much babies anymore – they are 3 now) but Skype helps erase the distance between them. It’s a very wonderful thing that they really won’t fully comprehend because to them this way of communicating has always been here.

  4. illusionofsanity on said:

    Funny- I think that too, whether my kids will “get” that. We are such a different society from OUR parents’ society, so maybe our kids will adapt and improve upon ours… 🙂

  5. Babies just amaze me. They are smart beyond their years and have some sort of sense that we don’t have.

  6. Helena on said:

    We’ve done Skype with my family in Venezuela and when they come to visit its great to see him recognize them and play the same games they play through a monitor. Thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂

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