A Not So Turkish Life

The beauty in not having a car

My frustrations with living in Turkey generally come from feeling out of control of the situation, of being unable to change or alter its course. Something I’m learning to do, albeit slowly, is turn those feelings round on their head by looking at the situation from its alternative perspective. The no-car thing gets me down sometimes but really, not driving in the city is a blessing: I get to sit back and watch the world fly on past as I read my book in an air-con bus, listen to multilingual conversations on the metros that connect East and West and, like on Tuesday, stop off for impromptu coffee dates en route to the bus stop.

In my topsy-turvy world, there’s much beauty on not having a car – if I remember to look, that is.

We're free to stop to watch the world go by

or for unplanned giggles in my arms

and there is always a random coffee date waiting for us

we have the best coffee dates

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3 thoughts on “The beauty in not having a car

  1. This is how I feel at times while living where I do. I’ve managed to do without a car for so many years now and I think I’ve greatly benefited from it. As have the kids. Where we live taking mass transit isn’t something people do but the kids know how to get around just fine on it. We’ve met interesting people, had great conversations and taking our time to get to our destination has become part of our trips. I’ll likely be getting a car next year (after my license) and I know I will definitely miss the days when I didn’t have one.

    • Yes, the meeting people part is great too. We’re changing the car soon inshallah and I’ll be on the roads too, but I hope I won’t fall into the trap of using the car always because there are definately benefits for you as a family when you don’t. Glad I’m not alone in this thought 🙂

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