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8 months today!

MKM, my darling precious boy,

Eight months ago today you graced our lives with your presence and brought more love to our world than we could have ever imagined it would hold. As I hold you now, a 9.5kg snuggle-bug I can’t imagine arms without you in them. I hope, that in eight years time when I’m writing like this, you’ll still be in my arms, you’ll still be a snugglebug, yet already I see signs of your babydom drawing to a close, of your toddlerhood starting and its with both excitement and delight, and trepidation tinged with sadness that I watch you crawl off there: I can’t wait to see what’s next, want to hold on to what’s flying past.

As your eight month begins, you’re already a whizz on your knees. You fly past my feet to reach a toy or a book, scale the bathroom step like it’s a milimeter high and outsmart me time and time again. A few weeks ago, instagram helped record our every day – now you’re too fast for the phone! Little though you may be, the person you’ll be is begining to show through, you have your own little quirks, real likes and dislikes. Your recognise voices, faces and places but behaviours too. You can sense when it’s bedtime, when it’s ‘out’ time, when it’s playtime. No longer do Baba and I get to dictate how the day runs, you tell us what you want. You’ll lead me to toys, or to rooms; take me right to the ring sling and even manage to tell us the food that you’d like to eat with eight sparkling new teeth. Slowly but surely we’re starting to learn what you’re trying to say and faster and faster you can communicate what it is that need.

You’ve developed affinity for the colour red and the flavour of persimmon, have taken against independent sleep and are in love with Luli the duck. Cars, blocks and balls are your most favourite toys and magic shows of bubble blowing fun light up your very soul.

Bubble time!

Gravity is an issue at the moment, little dude; you can’t seem to find it, don’t comprehend quite what it is. The gleeful grin on your face as you pull yourself up will last longer once you do, promise! Right now, you’re keeping us on our toes reaching up onto surfaces, using casually discarded garments as ropes to climb up on, attempting head dives from the bed. Playing by yourself is a newly discovered joy – for a good 15minutes you will talk to teddies, play with blocks, push hard-backed books across the floor and if Mummy gives you a whisk, that’s always 5 minutes more!


In recent weeks you’ve become more independent still; with other children, hold your own, copy what they do; with adults, you guide them in play. You’re learning to mimic everyday, watching us ever so closely to see what we do. You can clap on demand, high-five and give kisses. This morning you made Mummy cry when unprompted you gave her your first proper hug..both arms round her neck, head nestled into hers. The love that you show when you shake heads to sloppy kiss, or with excited squeals as you wrestle us on the floor, that love fills our beings – you complete our souls.

Happy growing, babyone. Be safe and have fun. Explore and enjoy.

So very much love, always,

Mummy xx

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